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On March 31, 1854, Commodore Matthew Perry and the "Black Ships" of the United States Navy forced the opening of Japan to the outside world with the Convention of Kanagawa. The Boshin War of 1867・868 led to the resignation of the shogunate, and the Meiji Restoration established a government centered around the emperor. Adopting Western political, judicial and military institutions, a parliamentary system modeled after the British parliament was introduced, with Ito Hirobumi as the first Prime Minister in 1882. Meiji era reforms transformed the Empire of Japan into an industrialized world power that embarked on a number of military conflicts to increase access to natural resources. After victories in the First Sino-Japanese War (1894・895) and the Russo-Japanese War (1904・905), Japan gained control of Korea, Taiwan and the southern half of Sakhalin.

The early twentieth century saw a brief period of "Taisho democracy" overshadowed by the rise of Japanese expansionism and militarization. World War I enabled Japan, which joined the side of the victorious Allies, to expand its influence and territorial holdings. Japan continued its expansionist policy by occupying Manchuria in 1931. As a result of international condemnation for this occupation, Japan resigned from the League of Nations two years later. In 1936, Japan signed the Anti-Comintern Pact with Nazi Germany, joining the Axis Powers in 1941.

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About Japan

Japan (help・nfo) (日本 Nihon or Nippon?, officially 日本国 Nihon-koku or Nippon-koku) is an island nation in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of China, Korea, and Russia, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea in the south. The characters that make up Japan's name mean "sun-origin", which is why Japan is sometimes identified as the "Land of the Rising Sun". Japan's capital and largest city is Tokyo.

Japan comprises over three thousand islands, the largest of which are Honshū, Hokkaidō, Kyūshū and Shikoku. Most of the islands are mountainous, many volcanic; for example, Japan痴 highest peak, Mount Fuji, is a volcano. Japan has the world's tenth largest population, with about 128 million people. The Greater Tokyo Area, which includes Tokyo and several surrounding prefectures, is the largest metropolitan area in the world, with over 30 million residents.

Since adopting its constitution in 1947, Japan has maintained a unitary constitutional monarchy with an emperor and an elected parliament, the Diet.

A great power, Japan is the world's second largest economy by nominal GDP and is a member of the United Nations, G8 and APEC.

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Japan travel information

Photo Album: My school travel in Japan (July 10th-July 13th)
My school travel in Japan (July 10th-July 13th). DSC00241. DSC00242. DSC00243. DSC00244. DSC00245. DSC00248. DSC00250. DSC00251. DSC00252. DSC00253. More Photos...
Technical Support Manager, Japan
Teamwork is essential, as is the willingness to travel within Japan , Asia Pacific, as well as to the US . 〓 Familiar with the authoring of Safety Data Sheets, as well as other safety documents, preferably on an automated software ...
Stay Young in the Old Hagi Town
If you are a big fan of Japan travel and Kyoto can longer satisfy your travel lust of Japan窶冱 old cities, Hagi Town might be the next alternative. No wonder this small little town is called Little Kyoto, everything is old and more ...
Japan Air Travel
Star Alliance Partner Carriers to or via Japan. FARE TYPE APPLIED ON THE INTERNATIONAL TICKET MUST BE ROUND/CIRCLE/OPEN ... prior notice. Please contact one of the Star Alliance member airline reservation centers or your travel agent ...
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Travel news 26/10/2007 06:33
time travel kahului travel travel services More than 60% travel for food (Japan Today) TOKYO 〓 More than 60% of people travel in Japan for food, according to the results of a survey eleased Thursdayt by JTB. The travel agent surveyed ...
Weekend Trip to Kansai - Osaka, Japan
Osaka, Japan After a two-day shuccho (business trip) in Kakegawa, we head off to the nearby Kansai region for some Fall viewing festivities over the long weekend (Labour Thanksgiving). The Japanese love watching the leaves change red, ...
Travel Japan
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Japan Casinos
Japan Casinos Japanese people love gambling and all kinds of games of chance, and although Japan casinos are not. Teaching English In Japan: Becoming A Jet-setter There is, in Japan, a great demand for native English speakers teaching ...
Stupid office rules in Japan
3, Required participation in employee group travel, 61.2. 4, St Valentine窶冱 Day, White Day customs, 51.0. 5, The seniority system, 43.3. 6, Morning meetings, 40.4. 7, Not non-smoking offices, 38.5. 8, Submission of daily reports, 35.3 ...
Video: "The Computer Chronicles" Visits Japan Tech Expo '85
A full half-hour video from a show called "The Computer Chronicles" as they travel to Japan for the 1985 Computer Expo in Japan, full of dancing robot girls, an early version of the French Minitel, early text-to-speech, ...
Hakone: Wine Travel: Soaking in Vino in Japan
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Izakaya restaurant in Tokyo
It is a pity that restaurants like these are missed so often by travelers as they add so much to the unique experience that travel to Japan can give you (IMO). Camera: Pentax MZ-3, lens: Sigma 28-300mm - 1:3.5-6.3.
Japan insanity
nirgi wrote: very crazy video. You will watch and you will regret.
Two Pacific quakes, one south of New Zealand, other near Guam: no ...
If you travel in Japan, there are a number of different types of places you can stay. In our travels around Japan so far, we ve tried most of them: Ryokan: a traditional Japanese inn - Wikipedia… that catered to the many surfers that ...
Heian Jingu Shrine
Heian Jingu Shrine The Heian Jing笛...
Yokohama, Japan: Bullet Trains, The Zoo, and Omuraisu (2nd of 6 ...
Throughout my travel in Japan, I窶况e even seen the omelet draped in a crescent form around the rice. Lordy. Whatever presentation it is, this omuraisu captures my heart with two simple ingredients that I love dearly: rice and eggs. ...
Japan Air Travel
Everything about modern and traditional Japan with emphasis on travel and living related information.japan-guide.com - Japan Travel and Living Guide. About domestic air travel in Japan.Domestic Air Travel in Japan.
Hibachi Chef Cracking Eggs
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Souls Are Stupid - Kisakata, Japan
 The turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner, provided by a 48-year-old English teacher two towns south and his wife, had to be flown 5000 miles to get here; it's a rarity in Japan and its absence is normally compensated with copious ...
The Festival - Trip Trek
VideoTsunami wrote:
Speaking of the subway, the way people travel in Japan is CLOSE, in your personal space plus some CLOSE!!!! But it was an entertaining experience!!! I saw so many amazing things in Tokyo such as Shrines, Temples, the Sky Scape with a ...
train trip alberta
... travel india train travel info train travel information train travel information uk train travel ireland train travel italy train travel italy france train travel italy to spain train travel itinerary train travel japan train travel ...
In Japan, how do you dial information/directory assistance?
Resolved Question In Japan, how do you dial information/directory assistance? Best Answer - Chosen by Asker 104.Be caref.
The future of travel - fingerprints at the border
As of this month, Japan has become the second country in the world to fingerprint foreign visitors, a move which has caused some to question the motives given by the government. Ostensibly the fingerprinting is to protect the citizenry ...
9. Typhoon Grounds Air Travel in Japan
Date Posted: 09/06/2007, 12:00 am Strong storms approach Tokyo, knocking out power and stopping air travel. (September 6) Runtime: 02:00 Free. More: continued here.
Japan Nurse
kennykjw wrote: Japan Nurse Cosplay.
japan vacation
wild2t wrote: my trip to japan.
Checkin' Out the Deer in Nara - Nara, Japan
Nara, Japan On Saturday we hopped a train for a short ride to nearby Nara. Nara is home to the biggest wooden building in the world (a temple which is actually only 2/3 its original size). It houses a big wooden Buddha who is surrounded ...
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